TeamViewer is a fairly simple program and very easy to use for some purposes, especially to access your PC remotely via the internet.

TeamViewer now has reached version 5, an application that is suitable to access another PC over the Internet, the benefits of the Free utamannya who is also a ga seneng denger free words.

TeamViewer main features are:

1. Remote Support
2. Presentation
3. File Transfer
4. VPN

I often use only the Remote Support (PC Client access via the Internet), features / benefits TeamViewer this one is very helpful if we need to access a remote PC from our present position, because the Internet and connected enough to know the ID and password in a matter of the PC seconds we can access the remote PC as we have in front of the PC directly. In addition to remote desktop functions, other benefits which I frequently use the "File Transfer" instead of exchanging files via e-mail me more choose to use TeamViewer, because it can directly copy files to the directory we want, usually I do if I'll update the program I wrote for some consumers.

The main difference I felt when using this program with several programs for remote desktop is "fast and stable" although only a GPRS connection, but still able to perform remote to another PC, if you have an internet connection fast enough and stable then the delay is happening not be felt, because as if you were directly in front of the PC.

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